About Us

I will never forget the day I found Acton Academy. I was putting my son Matthew down for a nap. My heart was heavy over how we would educate our school aged children – Sara, Simon, and Emma. We had homeschooled for several years as well as tried other local school options. My heart was never fully content with any of the available options. Equipped with my iPhone and google, I searched “how do you start your own school.” Acton Academy popped up and it was love at first site. Everything about Acton Academy resonated with me in a very powerful way – this was my dream school. Immediately I inquired for more information to start a school. Everything about their program revolutionized the status quo and it gave me hope in a better educational model for our children.

Reinventing education is not easy but the payoff is huge! If you are ready to join a community of likeminded parents and students, we encourage you to explore our web site and setup a personal meeting.


Anna & Chris Biad
Sara, Simon, Emma, Matthew, & Zachary
Become part of a revolution