Dear Parent,

Thank you for your interest in Acton Academy Las Cruces.  I am sincerely honored that you are investigating our school as a possible option for your family.  As parents, we want the absolute best for our children.   We want them to live a life of meaning and joy.  We can all agree that a good education can be the spring board for our children to launch into adulthood equipped for their journey.  The question arises, “what is a good education?”  Does getting good grades automatically equal a good education and a successful future?  Does following a national or state mandated curriculum prepare our children for the 21st century job market?   Is staying out of trouble and following the rules at school a good measure of success?  As my husband and I pondered these questions, we were left feeling empty and questioning the status quo.  For us, joining Acton Academy was a statement that we were not going to waste our children’s precious childhood adopting an outdated and failing educational model.

If you believe that your child shouldn’t be forced into a school mold but rather given space to grow and develop at their own pace, Acton Academy is for you.  If you believe that your child has gifts and ideas that should be nurtured rather than squelched because it isn’t part of the mandated curriculum, then Acton Academy is for you.  If you believe that hands on projects and apprenticeships are more relevant than text books alone, then Acton Academy is for you.  If you believe that children learn best through play and through exploring their world, then Acton Academy is for you.  If you believe that developing character and a strong work ethic is more important than just getting good grades, then Acton Academy is for you.  If you believe in academic excellence versus a mediocre understanding of a core subject, then Acton Academy is for you.  If you believe in personal responsibility and authentic accountability for your child, then Acton Academy is for you.  If you are ready to start an adventure with likeminded families who are deeply committed to reinventing education, then Acton Academy is for you.

“Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in school.” Albert Einstein


Best Regards,

Anna Emerick-Biad

Step One:  Introduction
We encourage all interested families to visit an upcoming open house or schedule a school tour.  We want to get to know you!
Step Two:  Application
Are you ready to start your family application mission? Fill out this form and we will send you the application kit.  Once completed, your family will receive something fun!
Step Three:  Family Meeting
After completing the application, your family will be invited for a meeting where you can ask lots of questions!
Step Four: Acceptance
Ensuring we have mutually agreed that Acton Academy Las Cruces is the right fit for your family, we will approve your application and the adventure begins!  At that point, we send you enrollment documents to sign and an invoice for the $350 registration fee to hold your child’s spot in the upcoming academic year.




Non-discriminatory Policy Acton Academy Las Cruces values, respects, and benefits from the unique identity of each student and community member, regardless of age, ability, gender, race, religion, sexual orientation, ethnicity, or socioeconomic status. As an intentional learning community we expect all faculty, staff, administrators, parents, and caregivers to embrace and foster this inclusiveness