Children are born naturally curious and eager to learn and discover. At Acton Academy, we embrace many of the Montessori philosophies which emphasizes learning through all five senses.  Children enrolled in Acton Academy learn at their own individual pace.   Learning is an exciting process of discovery, leading to concentration, motivation, self-discipline, and a love of learning.  We incorporate many of the time-honored Montessori principles while including other successful philosophies and materials into our program.

Younger Acton Eagles learn through active exploration of our classroom environment which is rich in materials and opportunities to converse, socialize, work, and play.  Our classroom is setup to encourage curiosity, exploration and problem solving in an atmosphere of warmth, affection, and respect for each child. Teachers, known as Guides at Acton, plan experiences based on children’s interests and appropriate educational concepts.  Children may work individually or collaboratively.  A key component in the Acton philosophy is that each child should work at their own pace mastering concepts at a speed that fits their individual learning style.

Children are actively involved in experiences which include foundations of math, science, social studies, creative    art, language arts, Spanish, music, movement, and dramatic play.

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