“Excellent school that teaches the Socrates methodology. We have both our children going to this school and they/we are extremely happy with the environment and results.” Nick & Brenda


“The thought of a learning environment that incorporates active learning, includes all the senses, and emphasizes a pursuit personalized to your individual gifts, sounds amazing. What kid doesn’t deserve that?” Debbie


“Acton is filled with love, patience, and fun! We couldn’t have imagined a more perfect place.” Michelle


“I am so grateful and amazed at Acton Academy! Acton has truly become a place where my children are thriving and loving learning. They love school again and have the ability to explore while learning. Acton Las Cruces has truly been life changing for us.”  Piper G.


“We are so pleased that our children are students in this remarkable school! We have seen so much personal growth in both of them as the year has progressed! They are excited to go to school everyday and accomplish so much while they are there. The families at Acton are really wonderful, and we have been nothing but impressed with all of the teachers. I highly recommend Acton Academy and am so glad they are here in Las Cruces!”  Erin P.