“An investment in knowledge pays the best dividends.” – Benjamin Franklin

Tuition & Fees:

Student tuition funds the latest technology, skilled teaching staff, exceptional hands on materials, and beautiful facility and grounds. Our goal is to remain budget friendly and implement money saving technology as it is developed to further drive costs down. Acton Academy Las Cruces is proud to announce that the school is 100% cloud based which provides excellent customer service including parent app with syncing school calendar, online scheduling, online student progress tracking, and school safety measures by NEST.

Tuition is based on an 11 month school year and is $545/month and $485/month for siblings. A yearly nonrefundable registration fee of $350/child is required to reserve your child’s spot in the school. Payments may be made using bank draft, credit card, app, online, or by phone 24/7.

Parents will not be asked to attend fundraisers EVER on behalf of the school or sell anything to support the school. We want your experience at Acton Academy Las Cruces to be amazing so we don’t want to burden our families with fundraising.


What would the world look like if all children could receive an incredible education? Our goal is to make Acton Academy accessible to as many dedicated families and students as possible. It is our belief that this learning environment will empower students and families to do big things to make this world a better place. If you are passionate about your child receiving an Acton Academy education but need a little financial help, we encourage you to apply. Acton Academy has contracted with TADS to oversee the scholarship awarding process. The application process is simple and the only cost is $35. If you have questions on the application process or whether you qualify, please review the following links or contact TADS.

Click here to apply at tads.com